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This is our Essential Event Information document, which contains a comprehensive round up of everything you need to know ahead of topping out at the highest trig point in the UK! Soon you'll be stood on our stunning west coast Highland start  line gearing up for an 'ultra' 29 mile day out through ancient woodland, thundering waterfalls, gorges, hidden lochans and remote moorland! So, read on to find the answers to all your questions ahead of the adventure!


Due to the scale and nature of Rat Race Events, changes to the course, structure and timings sometimes need to be made right up to the date of the event. To ensure you have the latest information and are fully prepared for the challenge that lies ahead, please check back on this EEI before travelling to the //event. This EEI was last updated on: 18/07/2024 



  • Online Disclaimer MUST be completed before Registration, you can do this HERE. You will be required to show your disclaimer completion confirmation email at the entrance of Registration  before progressing to kit check and tracker collection.

  • Registration is on Friday 30th August between 1400 - 2200 at Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort (PH33 6SQ).  You must register between these times, there is no option to register on the morning of the event.

  • Bib Numbers will be posted out in advance of the event. You should expect to receive your adventure pack around 1-2 weeks before the event. International participants will be required to collect their adventure pack from Registration. If your postal address has changed since you signed up to the event, please contact us on with your new address so we can update this.

  • Waves will be indicated by your bib number colour. BLUE bibs (Wave 1A) will start at 0600 RED bibs (Wave 1B) will start at 0700. GREEN bibs (Wave 2) will start at 0800 and ORANGE bibs (Wave 3) will start at 0900. 

  • Kit check of key items at Registration. You will need to bring these key items with you and will only be able to progress to tracker collection when you have passed kit check. More information on the key items required can be found in the Kit List section.

  • Pair or team entry details must be filled in via your RR account by the 10th August 2024. After this date there will be a £15 charge per person. To add details, please log into the RR account the entry was purchased under, click 'manage entry' and select 'add team member'.

  • The transfer deadline is 30th July 2024. You can find more information on our transfer policy HERE and submit a request via your RR account. We are unable to process any transfer requests or make any exceptions after the deadline has passed.​

  • Trackers will be picked up at Registration.

  • Toilets are available at Nevis Mountain Range Experience Resort. You will be able to make use of these facilities before hopping onboard our bus transfer to the start line. Toilets are also available at the 3 Pit Stops.

  • Waymarking: This event is fully waymarked, please do not follow any GPX routes.

  • Road Safety: This event takes place on public paths, shared access trails and live roads. There are no closed road sections please always exercise caution.

  • Route: We have strict arrangements and routings agreed with landowners and authorities, it is important that you follow all RR signage you see including instructions. If we ask you to close a gate behind you please do! 

  • Supporters are unable to access the start line as this is on private land with no parking available. Please see our recommended access points for your supporters further in this document.

  • The finish is at Nevis Mountain Range Experience Resort (PH33 6SQ).


Registration Info

Registration is at Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort on 30th August between 1400 - 2200. There is no registration available on the 31st August before the start. 

Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort is located just 7 miles North of Fort William and only a 30-minute drive from Loch Ness!


Bus: If you are travelling from Fort William via bus we recommend the Shiel Bus 41. 

Car: Many people travelling by car can underestimate how long it will take to reach the beautiful Scottish Highlands from elsewhere in the UK, especially on a Friday. We recommend taking the day off work and getting Highland bound early!

The postcode for Registration is PH33 6SQ, however, if using a SATNAV make sure you type in Nevis Range Mountain Resort as the postcode alone isn’t 100% accurate.


1) Bib Number - You will receive your bib number through the post 1-2 weeks before the event. International participants will need to collect their race packs in person on 30th August from the information/help desk at Registration. Please bring your bib number and envelope to Registration.

2) Disclaimer - Show your online disclaimer confirmation email at the entrance of Registration and receive your S2S: Ben Nevis Rat Rag.  You can complete the online disclaimer now HERE, it takes 2 mins and we encourage you to do this now and certainly well in advance of the event to avoid any delays for you on the day.

3) Mandatory Kit Check - We will need to see the some specific key items to allow you to proceed, please see the Kit List section for a list of the kit we will be checking at Registration and ensure you bring all of the items to Registration with you.​

4) Tracker Collection - You will be issued your tracker from Open Tracking. There will be a link available on the website closer to the event for you to share with friends/family so they can track your progress over the weekend. There is some important guidance on the trackers below so please do ensure you read this. 

5) T-shirt collection - If you have pre-ordered a t-shirt, you will be able to collect this from the onsite Rat Race Store.

Registration complete!

It is REALLY important that you ensure anyone watching at home knows this, for their own peace of mind and for our own safety systems. Experience shows that if someone watching at home does not understand this, they can sometimes unwittingly commence full rescue missions by panicking, calling in the cavalry and sparking confusion for us as organisers. As such, it really is a very important point to note.  

You must return this device at the end of the event there is a charge levied of £150 for any tracker that is not returned.

We recommend that people use the Open Tracking website and not the app for the best experience. The tracking link can be found on the Sea to Summit: Ben Nevis website closer to the event. 


You must fill in your online disclaimer before you arrive at Registration. Click the button below to complete yours.


You will be issued with your Tracker from Open Tracking at Registration.

The trackers rely on GSM & satellite signal to report, (which is generally very good across a lot of our route) but there is a delay on tracking. Sometimes, our team back at base will increase or decrease the reporting frequency, so those watching at home will sometimes not see your dot moving, or see you moving very slowly. Or they may see you adrift from others in the group (for example if you have not turned the tracker on!). 


If you pre-ordered an 2024 event tech t-shirt, these will be available for collection in the Rat Race Store in the Registration Hall.



Registration: Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort, PH33 6SQ.

Start: You will park at the finish location (Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort, PH33 6SQ) and hop on a bus transfer to our coastal start line, see below for more info on buses and timings.

Finish: Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort, PH33 6SQ.


You will need to park/meet at the finish location (Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort, PH33 6SQ) and hop on our bus transfer to our coastal start line. You will board a bus in accordance with your wave time, please see coach timings below: 

  • WAVE 1A departure time 0515

  • WAVE 1B departure time 0615

  • WAVE 2 departure time 0715

  • WAVE 3 departure time 0815​​


Finish line parking will be open from 0415 on 31st August so you can park before hopping on board of bus transfers to the start. All day finish line parking tickets can be purchased HERE. Please do book your parking tickets ahead of the event to guarantee your spot. 


There is an abundance of local accommodation nearby, we recommend grabbing somewhere in or near Fort William which is only 7 miles from the Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort.


You have been emailed your wave and start time. We have split wave 1 in half in order to ensure an enjoyable running experience for everyone without overcrowding the trails near the beginning.


Some of the kit listed is to help you have a safe experience and have the best chance of finishing. Some of this kit is to ensure that if you are unable to continue without our assistance then we can be confident of you having the level of equipment required to keep you as comfortable as possible whilst you wait for that assistance. Spot checks are carried out throughout the event and you will not be able to continue if you are found to not be carrying the requisite items.

  • Trail running shoes

  • Running pack/vest or other appropriate method of carrying your kit. We recommend our Great Glen bag that is tried and tested!

  • Hydration bladder or bottles with a capacity of at least 1L. We will increase this is 2L if the forecast is hot and dry.

  • Snacks or sports nutrition totalling a minimum of 400kcals on you at all times as emergency supplies.

  • Hat or buff, a Rat Rag is suitable

  • Survival bag, NOT blanket - BUY HERE

  • Whistle - BUY HERE

  • Reusable cup suitable for hot drinks at Pit Stops - BUY HERE

  • Waterproof Jacket with TAPED OR WELDED SEAMS as a minimum standard - BUY HERE

  • Full leg cover such as leggings (they can be the ones you are running in)

  • Basic first aid kit containing at least a roller bandage, paracetamol, assorted adhesive dressings, sterile absorbent materials such as gauze to compress bleeding wounds

  • Fully charged phone 

  • Headtorch

  • Method of payment (card/cash/apple pay)

  • GPS Tracker (picked up at Registration)

We reserve the right to add additional items if the forecast is looking turbulent, these may include but are not limited to: 

  • Waterproof leg cover 

  • Thermal mid layer



The emergency kit is important for several reasons:​

  1. It helps you to help yourself should you have a problem.

  2. We are in this together and you may need to assist others if they have a problem.

  3. In the case of an incident our Race Control and Medical teams will make decisions based on the knowledge that you all have this equipment.

  4. Carrying the kit is a requirement for everyone and hence provides an equal and fair challenge.

  5. It is part of our risk assessment process that is shared with insurers. Your insurance may be invalid if you do not follow our advice.

  6. If your lack of kit preparation contributes to making an incident more serious, then you may be avoidably drawing resources from our medical team and the emergency services at the expense of others.

  7. Without the kit you will be unable to complete registration. If during the race you are not carrying the mandatory kit then you will be disqualified and deemed to have not completed the challenge.


Our kit list includes a waterproof jacket with TAPED SEAMS as a minimum standard. See photograph of what a taped seam look like HERE so you know what our team will be checking. There is also a need for an emergency bivvy bag. Foil blankets are NOT acceptable as these do not meet the needs of having to survive when injured and immobile  in bad weather while waiting for assistance.


In order to complete Registration and receive your tracker, you will need to bring and show the following key mandatory kit list items to be checked. It does not have to be event ready and we recommend bringing it in a big bag for life or similar to pass through the station quickly: 

1) Running pack/vest or other appropriate method of carrying your kit. 

2) Waterproof Jacket with TAPED or WELDED SEAMS as a minimum standard (see photograph for seam example)

3) Bivvy Bag (NOT blanket)

4) Personal basic first aid kit (see kit list for require contents)

5) Hat suitable to the conditions (a Rat Rag is OK). 

6) Headtorch

7) Minimum 1L carrying capacity hydration bladder or bottles

8) Adventure Pack - You will need to bring this to Registration. Open Tracking will scan your unique barcode to allocate your tarcker. 

9) Emergency Contacts - these will be issued by email one week before the event. We will need to check you have these saved in your phone during kit check.

You will NOT be able to proceed to tracker collection until the Reg team have checked all of these items. Please note the entire mandatory kit list is just that, mandatory. We will be checking key items but you MUST carry the full kit list with you at all times. The  event team reserve the right to check you are carrying the full kit list at any point during the event.




You will be shown examples of our waymarking at the startline briefing. This is predominantly hi-vis ORANGE arrows with the RR logo on, in addition you may see large hi-vis orange and yellow information signage or race tape. This will always have the RR logo on, please do not follow any signage that doesn't.


When running on public roads you should face oncoming traffic and travel in single file (on the right hand side). However, should you be approaching a blind bend or rise, carefully move over to the other side of the road temporarily. Our signage and marshals will occasionally direct you to do this too, please follow their instructions. Should there be two-way traffic we ask that you stop to allow the car to pass you, ensuring you do not force the car behind you into the path of oncoming traffic. If there is a path available please use it.


At 29 miles and over 6000ft of ascent this is a beast! The route will be fully waymarked so there is no need for navigation. We thoroughly recommend you keep your head up not only to see the signs but to also appreciate the magnificent views!


There will be 3 Pit Stops at approx 7 miles, 13 miles and 25 miles. These will be stocked with an array of tasty small snacks, including hot drinks but please note this is not a full lunch provision, you should bring your own supply of food with you and use our stations as top ups! We endeavour to cater to a wide range of dietary needs but due to the nature of operation we are unable to guarantee there is no cross contamination. If you have a severe allergy we recommend bringing your own stash with you.


We do not provide sports nutrition products at our Pit Stops as these are a personal choice and you should have tried and tested supplements with you.



Cut offs are enforced and they are applied to your departure time not your arrival time into the location. If you are cut off you will be transported forward on the course using our sweeper vehicle. If you have supporters they can pick you up if you wish.

  • Start - First Wave 0600 Final Wave 0900

  • PS1 - 7 miles 1120

  • PS2 - 13 miles 1400

  • Zig Zag ascent cut off - 15 miles 1530

  • PS3 - 25 miles 1900

  • Finish 29 miles


Once you have started, if you wish to drop out of the event at any point you must contact the Race Team to inform them and return your tracker to a member of staff, even if you do not need further support from us. If you do not have your own pick-up option (eg a support crew with you) we will arrange to collect you and move you forward along the course. We cannot move you backwards. Race Team numbers are supplied at Registration.


Please ensure all gates are closed behind you and never climb over locked gates. This is to ensure livestock do not escape fields so please do not leave it open for the next runner unless they are right behind you.



Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors. Take great care when passing near other tourist walkers, not to cause them to take hurried steps to avoid you. Hail them and enable them to step onto secure ground OR that you pass around them beside the trail.· Leave gates closed and property as you find it and follow paths unless wider access is available.

Maps__Ben NevisPEAK.webp

Please help us leave this beautiful part of the country litter free by ensuring you have a pocket ready for your on the move rubbish which you can then dispose of at the next Pit Stop. We will gladly take this from you, if you see a discarded gel or sweet wrapper we ask that you pick it up on behalf of your fellow #ratracer who we are sure dropped it by accident.




Supporters are unable to access the startline which is on private land with no parking available, however, they are more than welcome to wave you off on our start line bus transfers from the Nevis Range Mountain Experience Resort and of course cheer you across the line 29 miles later!  

The best place for them to see you on our course is PS2, this is in a public car park but please bear in mind this area is a tourist hotspot and parking may not be available.

Alternatively, if they are looking to get stuck right into the action, we have some volunteer spots still available! You can find out more HERE




We're on the look out for some extra volunteers to help during Registration, man the finish line handing out medals and also cheer you all on at the Pit Stops. Volunteers help contribute to the amazing, friendly atmosphere you'll find at Sea to Summit: Ben Nevis and they have an incredible day supporting our #ratracers to boot.

As a volunteer you will receive: 

£50 cash travel contribution

£100 event credit or a Rat Race duffel bag

A crew Rat Rag 

Access to hot drinks/snacks/food

A fun day out! 


You can sign up to any available shift here and the Rat Race team will be in touch ahead of the event to answer any questions you may have and give you your briefing documents. 


Pre-order your Sea to Summit: Ben Nevis finisher hoodie and  t-shirt. A very limited number of general S2S: Ben Nevis hoodies and tees will be available to buy at Registration and at the finish line, secure your choice of design and size in advance.​




If you have any questions not answered in here please do reach out to us on and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as we can!


If you need to withdraw from Sea to Summit: Ben Nevis and go through our transfer process this closes on the 30th July. After this time we cannot process any transfer requests. For all the information regarding transfers please click here. 


If you are a part of a pair entry please ensure both your details are filled in before the 10th August. Any late submissions will be subject to a £15 admin fee to create your Adventure Pack on the day. Just login to your Rat Race account to add these details.


You must fill in your online disclaimer before you arrive at Registration. Click the button below to complete yours.

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