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Due to the scale and nature of Rat Race Events, changes to the course, structure and timings sometimes need to be made right up to the date of the event. To ensure you have the latest information and are fully prepared for the challenge that lies ahead, please check back on this EEI before travelling to the event. This EEI was last updated on: 21/02/2024


Welcome to Scotland. 

Welcome to the Ultra Tour of Arran 2024!

The countdown is on to our first epic outing of the 2024 UK season and what better way to kick off the year than with one of our all time favourite adventure destinations, the Isle of Arran! 

We can't wait to see you
on the start line itching to experience this wee slice of Scottish paradise over our 2-day adventure together! From stunning coastal scenery, iconic deep Scottish glens and enchanting forests to the summit of Goat Fell, Arran has it all which is why we keep coming back for more!

We want to make sure you’re ‘ultra’ prepared to tackle this Scottish beast. This is our Essential Event Information document, which contains a comprehensive round up of everything you need to know. Grab a brew (or something a little stronger!) and read on to find the answers to all your questions ahead of ticking this mighty adventure off your running bucket list!


  • Registration is open from 14:00-22:00 in the Event Village: Ormidale Park, Brodick, Isle of Arran KA27 8BY.

  • Online Disclaimers must be completed before you register. You will be required to show your disclaimer completion confirmation email at the entrance of Registration  before progressing to kit check.

  • You will need to bring the key items listed in the Kit List section of this document for inspection at kit check. 


  • Online Disclaimer MUST be completed before Registration, you can do this HERE. You will be required to show your disclaimer completion confirmation email at the entrance of Registration  before progressing to kit check and tracker collection.

  • Registration is on Friday 19th April between 1400 - 2200 at the Event Village: Ormidale Park, Brodick, Isle of Arran KA27 8BY. You must register between these times, there is no option to register on the morning of the event.

  • Adventure packs will be posted out in advance of the event. You should expect to receive your adventure pack around 1-2 weeks before the event. International participants will be required to collect their adventure pack from Registration. If your postal address has changed since you signed up to the event, please either log into your account to amend this or contact us on with your new address so we can update this.

  • Kit check of key items at Registration. You will need to bring these key items with you and will only be able to progress to tracker collection when you have passed kit check. More information on the key items required can be found in the Kit List section.

  • Pair entry details must be filled in via your RR account by the 25th March 2024. After this date there will be a £15 charge per person.

  • Camping tickets are limited. Please make sure you purchase yours in advance HERE. The campsite is TENTS ONLY. Please do not turn up in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or tentbox as you will be turned away. Dogs are not allowed on the camp site.

  • The transfer deadline is 19th March 2024. You can find more information on our transfer policy HERE and submit a request via your RR account. We are unable to process any transfer requests or make any exceptions after the deadline has passed.

  • This event takes place on ‘Live’ public roads, private roads, and shared access trails. There are no closed roads. Always exercise caution.

  • There is no reason for your spectating family and friends to rush or speed when driving. Please ensure they read the Supporter Guidance below. Always exercise caution.

  • We will provide you with a safety procedure to follow in case of emergency.

  • We recommend that participants have insurance to cover damage, loss, theft, injury and non-attendance. Rat Race

  • accepts no responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage to any Participant property or the circumstances of Participant non-attendance.


Registration Info

You will need to get on to the Isle of Arran by ferry from Ardrossan. Ardrossan is 40 miles south of Glasgow on the west coast.

This means there are 2 key locations for this event:


The Ferry Terminal, Ardrossan, KA22 8ED


Ormidale Park, Brodick, Isle of Arran KA27 8BY

When planning your travel, make sure you’re looking at the correct timetable; these vary seasonally. The Summer timetable for Ardrossan to Brodick ferry crossings is now open for bookings via Calmac's website HERE. If you haven't done so already, we recommend grabbing our spot on a ferry as soon as possible as they can fill up quite quickly.

There are two options when travelling by ferry:


There is a car park at Ardrossan Ferry Terminal with space for 500 vehicles. You cannot book in advance. The charges are £5/ first 24 hrs and £4 per 24 hrs thereafter. If it is full (unlikely) then there is extra on-street parking in the town, which is adjacent. The foot passenger return fare is much cheaper and can be booked on the Calmac website here. On arrival in Brodick, we will have a free on demand shuttle service operating for you and your luggage. Head for the Rat Race bus stop at the port and it will take you to the Ultra Tour of Arran Event Village.


This is fine and the return fare is reasonable: £37.20 return for a standard car and £9.20 per person return for each passenger inside. When you get to the island, there is ample free parking in Brodick



For those of you resting up before race days or have packed enough for a week away, we will have a shuttle bus providing transport from the ferry terminal to Event Village in Ormidale Park. Alternatively, it is an easy, flat 1km walk, passing many shops, cafes and amenities.


There are 2 options for car parking:

  1. Park in Ardrossan on the mainland and travel on to Arran as a foot passenger.

  1. If you bring a car, is to make use of the plentiful free parking along the Brodick promenade. Please do not fill the local car park behind the Co-op that is near the start.

Please note: There is no parking available at the Event Village, this is reserved for the event and medical team only. Brodick promenade parking is a stone's throw from the Event Village so please utilise these spaces.



Registration is at Ormidale Park, Brodick, Isle of Arran, KA27 8BY on the 19th April ONLY between 1400 - 2200. There is no Registration available on the 20th April before the start. 

We will have a shuttle bus providing transport from the ferry terminal to Event Village in Ormidale Park. Alternatively, it is an easy, flat 1km walk, passing many shops, cafes and amenities and a great chance to stretch your legs after the ferry!


1) Adventure Pack - You will receive your adventure pack through the post 1-2 weeks before the event. International participants will need to collect their race packs in person on 19th April from the information/help desk at Registration. 

2) Disclaimer - Show your online disclaimer confirmation email at the entrance of Registration and receive your UTA Rat Rag.  You can complete the online disclaimer now HERE, it takes 2 mins and we encourage you to do this now and certainly well in advance of the event to avoid any delays for you on the day.

3) Mandatory Kit Check - We will need to see the some specific key items to allow you to proceed, please see the Kit List section for a list of the kit we will be checking at Registration and ensure you bring all of the items to Registration with you.

4) Tracker Collection - You will be issued your tracker from Open Tracking. There will be a link available on the website closer to the event for you to share with friends/family so they can track your progress over the weekend. There is some important guidance on the trackers below so please do ensure you read this. 

Registration complete!


Each person will receive an Adventure Pack in the post 1-2 weeks before the event, this will contain:


  • Runner number and safety pins: You MUST wear it on your front during all stages and it must ALWAYS BE VISIBLE. Please ensure you fill in the reverse with your emergency and medical information.

  • Camping Band: if you have purchased a camping pass


You must fill in your online disclaimer before you arrive at Registration. You will be required to show your disclaimer completion confirmation email at the entrance of Registration  before progressing to kit check and tracker collection.


You will be issued with your Tracker from Open Tracking at Registration.

The trackers rely on GSM & satellite signal to report, (which is generally very good across a lot of our route) but there is a delay on tracking. Sometimes, our team back at base will increase or decrease the reporting frequency, so those watching at home will sometimes not see your dot moving, or see you moving very slowly. Or they may see you adrift from others in the group (for example if you have not turned the tracker on!). 

It is REALLY important that you ensure anyone watching at home knows this, for their own peace of mind and for our own safety systems. Experience shows that if someone watching at home does not understand this, they can sometimes unwittingly commence full rescue missions by panicking, calling in the cavalry and sparking confusion for us as organisers. As such, it really is a very important point to note.  

You must return this device at the end of the event there is a charge levied of £150 for any tracker that is not returned.

We recommend that people use the Open Tracking website and not the app for the best experience. The tracking link can be found on the UTA website here closer to the event. 


1. For all incidents contact the Race Director or Medical Team

2.Failing this, in the event of a true emergency or serious incident call 999....then inform the Race Director or Medical Team

Race Director - 07936 026799
Medical Team - 07957 355066

Please save these numbers to your phone ahead of registration.


NOTE: Text or call back if you do not get through.DO NOT leave voicemails. The Rat Race phoneline is only active during this event.


If you pre-ordered a UTA 2024 t-shirt, these will be available for collection in the Rat Race Store in the Event Village.



14:00 – Registration Opens, Ormidale Park, KA27 8BY

22:00 – Registration Closes

22:30 – Food Service in the Event Village Ends


06:00 – Breakfast Service in Event Village Opens

08:30 – Start

12:30 – First Expected Finisher

20:30 – Course Closes

22:00 – Food Service in the Event Village Ends



06:00 – Breakfast Service in Event Village Opens

07:00 – Start

12:00 – First Expected Finisher

19:00 – Course Closes

22:00 –  Food Service in the Event Village Ends



07:00 – Breakfast Service in Event Village Opens

09:00 – Breakfast Service in Event Village Closes

10:00 – Campsite closes. All tents to be removed by this time. Event Ends.


The event starts in the same location each day beside the beach at Fisherman’s Walk in Brodick.

Please find a google pin to the start location HERE 

This is a 1 minute walk from the Event Village in Ormidale Park.

The start will be:

  • Day 1 : 0830

  • Day 2:  0700

Due to the very close proximity of the race start to the Event Village, all water facilities will remain in Event Village and so there will be NO  water for filling bottles at the start line. There are 2 public toilets are the start line.


The finish line for both days is in the Event Village at Ormidale Park.



For those choosing to camp with us, each member of your party will need a camping pass in order to access the campsite. You can purchase your camping pass HERE.

The campsite is TENTS ONLY. Please do not turn up in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or tentbox as you will be turned away.


Dogs are not allowed on the camp site.

All tents should be pitched a minimum of 2m apart from each other. Please take care to ensure your chosen pitch location does not conflict with any other tent’s entrance or guy lines.

You will need to bring all of your own camping equipment and tent. Come prepared with warm clothes and a sleeping bag (or bags). It will be cold and you will be tired.


Please respect other campers and the ground you are camping on. Please take away everything you bring.


Take careful note of your nearest Fire point.

The following items are NOT permitted within the camping area:


  • Tents exceeding 4m x 4m unless accommodating more than 4 people.

  • Gazebos and tents for common areas are not permitted.

  • Open fires, BBQs, large ‘Calor Gas’ bottle style cooking units/heating units.

  • Stereos, or noise making devices. There is a noise curfew of midnight which you are asked to respect.

  • Glasses or glass bottles of any kind. With respect to the venue, any of the above items found onsite may be confiscated, and/or the owners may be required to leave the site.


Showers are only available to those with a camping pass and are contained within the Ormidale Park building and are sports changing room style, with communal changing and shower areas.


The following caterers will be on site at the Event Village ready to keep you well fed and fuelled over the weekend: 

The Shack and Grill

Fergie's Food Truck 

  • Friday:                 1300 – 2200

  • Saturday:            0600 – 0800 & 1200 – 2200

  • Sunday:               0600 – 0700 & 1200 – 2200

  • Monday:              0700 – 0900

For those who wish to eat something different there are plenty of pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops available in Brodick; all very quickly and easily accessible by foot.


You should plan to be self-sufficient for both days by carrying the food and drink that you require for the full day out. Our Pit Stops will then become additional support to your own plans. This method means you are exceptionally unlikely to find yourself out of food or water.


Here’s what you can expect at every Pit Stop:

Drinks: Water, Squash, hot drinks.

Salty options: Crisps, pretzels etc.

Sweet options: Fruit, jellies, cakes, biscuits etc.


We will endeavour to provide something suitable for all dietary requirements, however this cannot always be guaranteed. Please make sure that you have your own suitable options with you if you have allergies or dietary requirements.


The routes of both days will be fully waymarked. We use white arrows on bright orange backgrounds approximately A4 size, as well as small blue flags. Even though the route will be well waymarked, you must pay close care and attention to the route to ensure that you do not go off course.


On Day 2 in particular, you are entering a truly mountainous environment which will require real care and attention to follow the markings and carefully choose the most appropriate route forward. This will be especially true if bad weather brings with it poor visibility. It is likely that you will be near to other runners for most of the day. Indeed, it can help to stay together at times. If you find yourself detached from the route and/or other runners on difficult terrain and poor visibility, then you should treat as priority getting back in touch with both route waymarking and runners, and not continuing onwards with no waymarking present. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend you keep your head up not only to see the signs and keep in touch with other runners but to also appreciate the magnificent views on Arran, nearby islands, and across both seas to the mainland of Scotland, which wraps around Arran!


IMPORTANT: A word of warning about downloading and using GPX files. The files currently available are as accurate as they can be now, however, once we are on the ground, there may be changes we need to make due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances. In these cases, the waymarking will be amended to allow continued safe passage but the GPX files will not be updated. If this case arises, you should ALWAYS follow the waymarking and not your GPS device. The detour is very likely to be short and the waymarking and GPX file will soon get back in sync. To be clear: The on the ground waymarking overrides the GPX file.


Please ensure all gates are closed behind you and never climb over locked gates. This is to ensure livestock do not escape fields so please do not leave it open for the next runner unless they are right behind you. There are very few fields with cattle on the route but when you encounter them please do not disturb them and observe the following points: If you are the first person to enter the fields please stop running and be prepare to slow to a walk . Do not pass between calf and cows or cause them to separate from their herd. Stay way from lone calves and never run straight towards a cow. Avoid sudden movements and high pitched loud noises. Although gentle singing and talking will let cows know you are there. Follow other participants and create a predictable route, be aware that dogs can startle livestock so keep a look out for other walkers who may be in your vicinity.


Day 1

The Day 1 route heads south to explore the fabulously rugged coastline and rolling, forested hills. Don’t be fooled that it is easy, as 28 miles and 3500ft of ascent will definitely test your legs.

There are 3 pitstops on day 1 at: 

  • 9.5 miles

  • 14.5 miles

  • 23 miles


Day 2

The Day 2 route heads north and explores the high mountain massif which dominates the skyline. At 30 miles and nearly 6000ft of ascent this is one tough day, made harder by already tired legs.

There are 2 pitstops on day 2 at:

  • 11.5 miles

  • 20 miles

The reason for only 2 stops on Day 2 is simply because of the terrain making areas inaccessible by vans and therefore a Pit Stops can’t be operated effectively in any other locations.


Those camping with us will have access to the Event Village toilets located in Ormidale Park which is our Registration venue.


Please see below on where to expect toilets along the course:

  • Event Village: Toilets available 

  • Startline: Public toilets available

  • Day 1 Pit Stop 1: Toilets available 

  • Day 1 Pit Stop 2: Toilets available 

  • Day 1 Pit Stop 3: No toilets 

  • Day 2 Pit Stop 1: Toilets available

  • Day 2 Pit Stop 2: No toilets  (there is a public toilet just after the Pit Stop which our PS crew can direct you to)



If there is a roadside path or pavement, use this as first choice. Face oncoming traffic when on public roads and travel in single file

i.e. run on the right-hand side.

Music Players – These must have their volume controlled according to your environment. It is IMPERATIVE that you knock the volume down to zero or very low when you are on public roads and cycleways.

Please also be aware that if you cannot hear general voice levels you might miss instructions from marshals or other runners.


Day 2 is highlighted with some of the most mountainous terrain of any Rat Race event. It is steep, rocky and exposed and will challenge everyone regardless of experience. We will support you with excellent waymarking and qualified mountain safety crew, however, you have a role to play in safely accessing this environment.

  • Slow down and take care over steep and rocky ground, ensuring good footing to prevent slips and falls.

  • Take swift action to counter weather changes. When up high, wind and rain will chill you quickly. Don’t push through it, throw on a jacket. It can come off just as quickly.

  • If you find yourself detached from the route and/or other runners on difficult terrain and poor visibility, then you should treat as priority getting back in touch with both route waymarking and runners, and not continuing onwards with no waymarking present.


Scrambling: There are some sections of the route where the terrain underfoot is more severe than your usual trail running. There will be occasional moments where you will use your hands on the rock. It’s not climbing.

It’s scrambling. You will be met at the most engaging sections by hill safety staff, who are there to guide and reassure you. At all times, follow the waymarked route and do not make alternative adventures. When on terrain that has loose rocks, be VERY careful not to disturb these and trundle them downwards.

Water Immersion: This event does include some shallow river crossings and some inter- tidal shore. Take your time when entering water. Place your feet, between rocks, with care. Boulder hopping is not advised.


Cut-off times are synonymous with events of this type and are essential for the safety management and risk assessment plans. Cut- off times are applied to your departure time from the cut off location.


Therefore, in your planning you should aim to arrive at a Pit Stop at least 15 mins before the cut-off time in order to allow you to access the facilities and leave the Pit Stop before the cut- off time.

There are 3 cut off locations each day. On day 1 each Pit Stop has a cut-off time associated to it. On day 2, the 2 Pit Stops have a cut-off but there is a third mountain cut-off at The Saddle. If you miss this final cut-off, you will not be allowed to tackle the final ascent of North Goat Fell and Goat Fell and instead be directed to descend down Glen Rosa and return to the finish in the Event Village. This route will of course be fully waymarked for you.



Whiting Bay (Pit Stop 1)  - 12:00

Kildonan (Pit Stop 2) - 13:30

Monamore FCS (Pit Stop 3) - 17:30

Brodick (Finish) - 20:30


Lochranza (Pit Stop 1) - 12:00

N Glen Sannox (Pit Stop 2) - 14:30

The Saddle - 16:10

Brodick (Finish) - 19:00

All Cut-off times will be rigidly enforced. The race team have the right to review them during the event and the Race Director’s decision is final.


The landscapes that we will pass through are exceptionally beautiful but they can also be fragile. It is each individual’s duty to do what we can to protect them. In all cases, everyone needs to follow the countryside code as a minimum: Respect. Protect. Enjoy.


  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors.

  • Leave gates closed and property as you find it and follow paths unless wider access is available

  • Protect the natural environment:

  • Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home

  • Plan ahead and be prepared

  • Follow advice and local signs

  • Enjoy!



It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that their supporters are aware of the event information rather than relying on event staff on the day. Our marshals can be deployed in numerous locations across the route. The event crew members that supporters interact with can be timing staff, paid agency marshals, volunteers, paramedics, mountain safety staff, drivers, production crew etc. All are briefed for specific roles and some may not be local.

While all will aim to be as helpful and cheery as possible they may not have much general information about the event beyond their specific role. In short, they are not tour guides, just good folk doing their best.

Arran is a great place to visit. There are many things to do as well as support someone running in the event.

We ask that all supporters when following the event should take good care that their interaction is not a hazard to themselves, the participants nor any members of the public.

This is most pertinent when driving and parking. The island is small and as such so are roads and parking areas, there is no need to rush anywhere. Parking at all Pit Stops is very limited and for Day 1 Pit Stops 1 and 2, there is no parking available at all. So, in all cases when visiting Pit Stops please look for parking located away from the stops and walk in to meet people. This significantly reduces the risk to participants and allows race and emergency vehicles to have

clear access to these core race venues.

Each participant will be carrying a GPS tracker which you will be able to follow live during each day. We will supply the link in due course. By following your participant online, you will be able to time your interactions and as such you will find you have plenty of time to enjoy the many places to visit on the island whilst also fulfilling your supporter duties.


We aim to take you to some amazing parts of Arran. This includes some very remote & exposed locations which will provide an amazing experience and spectacular views (if the weather is kind). In order to do this safely, we require every participant to carry a minimum amount of mandatory kit (listed below). This is a crucial part of the event which you must adhere to.

  • Small Rucksack, Bum Bag or Ultra-Running Pocket Vest or other appropriate method of carrying your kit. 

  • Runner number: in your adventure pack

  • Satellite Tracker: given to you at tracker collection. This should be taped to the outside of your running pack. Remember this must be returned at the end of the event.

  • Trail Running Shoes: i.e. running shoes with some grip

  • Hydration Bladder or Bottle(s) with a minimum of 2 litre capacity. 

  • Food – Min 400kcal (about 4 gels): Always plan to have excess. This is a MINIMUM and our meaning here is that you have this fuel on you as a minimum AT ALL TIMES. I.e. You always have 4 gels (or equivalent) as Emergency Supplies. Please take enough food to be out in the hills, possibly in poor conditions, for up to 8 hours. Ensure you have enough salt and calories in your food. 

  • Waterproof Jacket with TAPED or WELDED SEAMS as a minimum standard. BUY HERE

  • Waterproof Trousers with TAPED or WELDED SEAMS as a minimum standard. BUY HERE (see photograph for seam example)

  • Hat suitable to the conditions (a Rat Rag is OK). 

  • Gloves (lightweight running gloves are OK).

  • Bivvi Bag (NOT a blanket): Essential for unplanned stops. BUY ONE HERE

  • Basic First Aid Kit  containing at least:
    – A conformable roller bandage.
    – Assorted adhesive dressings.
    – Separate sterile absorbent material
    (e.g. gauze or gauze bandage) suitable for compressing bleeding wounds

  • Whistle: Effective for getting attention in an emergency. BUY ONE HERE

  • Fully charged Mobile Phone with protection from water

  • Full leg cover: Running tights are a good lightweight option – it’s the unplanned stops that you might need them for. This is additional to the waterproof Trousers

  • Additional upper body thermal layer: an insulated jacket, baselayer or fleece are all good options – again for the unplanned stops. This is additional to the waterproof Jacket.

  • Hand Sanitiser

  • Reusable cup suitable for hot drinks. BUY ONE HERE


  • A quality roll top type rucksack/bag liner is good for keeping your kit dry. BUY ONE HERE

  • Technical Tee and/or a quality base layer.

  • In foul weather, taking additional gloves, socks and a hat can be a help.

  • Sun screen and sun glasses.

  • Blister treatment kit.

  • Some form of identification.​


The emergency kit is important for several reasons:

  1. It helps you to help yourself should you have a problem.

  2. We are in this together and you may need to assist others if they have a problem.

  3. In the case of an incident our Race Control and Medical teams will make decisions based on the knowledge that you all have this equipment.

  4. Carrying the kit is a requirement for everyone and hence provides an equal and fair challenge.

  5. It is part of our risk assessment process that is shared with insurers. Your insurance may be invalid if you do not follow our advice.

  6. If your lack of kit preparation contributes to making an incident more serious, then you may be avoidably drawing resources from our medical team and the emergency services at the expense of others.

  7. Without the kit you will be unable to complete registration. If during the race you are not carrying the mandatory kit then you will be disqualified and deemed to have not completed the challenge.


Our kit list includes waterproof trousers and jackets with TAPED SEAMS as a minimum standard. See photograph of what a taped seam look like HERE so you know what our team will be checking. There is also a need for an emergency bivvy bag. Blankets are NOT acceptable as these do not meet the needs of having to survive when injured and immobile on a mountain side in bad weather while waiting for assistance.


In order to complete Registration and receive your tracker, you will need to bring and show the following key mandatory kit list items to be checked: 

1) Small Rucksack, Bum Bag or Ultra-Running Pocket Vest or other appropriate method of carrying your kit. 

2) Waterproof Trousers and Jacket with TAPED or WELDED SEAMS as a minimum standard. BUY HERE (see photograph for seam example)

3) Bivvy Bag (NOT blanket)

4) Personal basic first aid kit (see kit list for require contents)

5) Gloves (lightweight running gloves are OK).

6) Hat suitable to the conditions (a Rat Rag is OK). 

7) Additional upper body thermal layer: an insulated jacket, baselayer or fleece are all good options – again for the unplanned stops. This is additional to the waterproof Jacket.

You will NOT be able to proceed to tracker collection until the Reg team have checked all of these items. Please note the entire mandatory kit list is just that, mandatory. We will be checking key items but you MUST carry the full kit list with you at all times. The  event team reserve the right to check you are carrying the full kit list at any point during the event.



If you have any questions not answered in here please do reach out to us on and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as we can. 


If you need to withdraw from UTA and go through our transfer process this closes on the 19th March. After this time we cannot process any transfer requests. For all the information regarding transfers please click here. 


If you are a part of a pair entry please ensure both your details are filled in before the 25th March. Log into your Rat Race account to add these details.

That's all for now folks, see you on the Isle of Arran!

James Campbell
Race Director, Ultra Tour of Arran 2024

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