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Due to the scale and nature of Rat Race Events, changes to the event course, structure and timings sometimes need to be made right up until the date of the event. To ensure you have the latest information and are fully prepared for the challenge that lies ahead, please checkback on this EEI before travelling to the event.

This EEI was last updated on: 05/02/2024 



Dear #ratracer


We hope that the excitement is building for what is going to be an otherworldly experience on the ice! We certainly cannot wait to return to the birth place of our Bucket List adventures and the most surreal, audacious and hauntingly beautiful journey known to Man.


Please find our Essential Event Information Document, containing what we hope is a comprehensive outlook towards your journey next year. If you have not done so already, do ensure that you are fully conversant with the website and then pour yourself a cuppa (or something a little stronger!) and read on… 

Abbi Naylor

Event Director, Rat Race Mongol 100 


Make sure you’ve read this document thoroughly well ahead of your departure date to ensure there are no last minute panics or surprises, if you have any questions after reading this please reach out to us on



  • Meeting in Mongolia: We will commence our itinerary at Chinggis Khan International Airport on 25/2/24 and will wait for arriving passengers on the early morning flight. We will arrange transport for participants who have arrived earlier in UB on the 25/2/24. We will commence the day long journey by road to Khatgal in convoy, stopping at regular intervals to stretch legs. 

  • Event Participation Form MUST be submitted NO later 14th January 2024.

  • Medical declaration MUST be submitted NO later than 14th January 2024.

  • The Q & A webinar will take place on at 1730 UK time on 3rd January 2024. The webinar will be recorded and sent out to all participants the following day so you can watch it back at your leisure if you are unable to make the date and time.

  • You will need 4 days’ worth of freeze-dried expedition meals whilst on the Lake. Use Ratrace15 on  for 15% off at check out. See the below for exact food quantity required. 

  • Kit: You will need to pass kit check before being able to complete our physical registration process on 26/02 in Khatgal. We will hold a kit webinar for those who wish to check in with their gear at 1730 UK local time on 3rd January 2024. If your kit is not right the Event team will reserve the right to prevent you starting the Event. Don’t worry – there are several touchpoints before departure to ensure this does not occur. See the relevant section below on kit, and webinar date. If in any doubt on kit, please do get in touch with us at and we can help! 

  • Insurance: You need insurance. If you are bringing your own bike, please ensure it is insured against loss, theft and/ or damage. You will need a medical repatriation and evacuation policy that has a minimum of $500 000 trip cover on it. You will submit this to us pre-event and we will ensure we have the correct number to call your insurer if we need to evacuate you or provide serious medical attention. We also highly recommend a policy that covers you for curtailment and non-attendance.

  • Live events decision-making: In all cases while on the trip, the Event Director’s decision is final. They are at all times acting in the combined interest of the safety of the individual and of the group, as their paramount concern.   



You are the bunch of intrepid souls who will take on this year’s event. A mighty adventure awaits you. Mongolia has a special place in our hearts here at Rat Race as the Mongol 100 was the first ever Rat Race Bucket List event we staged; and you are soon to find out why we love it so much. We are very excited for you to experience Mongolian wilderness and culture.  


  • This event takes place on the frozen surface of Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia. Our route will largely follow the established and tested ‘channel’ that is open for vehicles to use during the winter months and which is tested for ice depth by local Authorities. You will only follow routings that have been made clear to you and do not deviate from those routes. 


  • The event is classified as ‘Event-supported’. This means that, whilst on the ice each day, the event team will support you with pit stop provisions, medical service, and general logistical support. 



  • Registration for the event is split into a ‘pre- event’ Registration phase, where we will ask for particular documents and admin tasks to be completed (See the bottom of this document for what and when). This will be followed up by a physical registration upon arrival in Khatgal on 26/2/2024. 


  • We will provide you with a safety procedure to follow in case of Emergency while out on the ice. 


  • We recommend that participants have insurance to cover damage, loss, theft, injury, and non-attendance. Rat Race accepts no responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage to any Participant property or the circumstances of Participant non-attendance. 


  • We insist on insurance to cover repatriation, medical expenses, and evacuation. This will be required to be produced as digital copy for the organisers within our pre-event admin phase. Please see the actions list at the bottom of this document for details 


+ 5 GMT




 Mongolian Togrog


 March temperatures average -5°C in the daytime & -22°C at night 



We have recommended arriving the day before our official itinerary commences on 25/02/24 or earlier, however it is acknowledged that routes are currently limited given the suspension of Aeroflot services. If you do wish to arrive on 25/02/24m, there is an inbound Turkish Airlines flight arriving at 0735 on 25/02/24 and we would request all arrivals on 25/02/24 are on this flight or earlier. Please do not arrive any later than this time into UB if arriving on 25/02/24.

We will await any passengers on the 0735 Turkish flight and then we will make our way in convoy, using a bus to reach our final destination at Khatgal (journey time is approximately 14 hrs). The arrival time at Khatgal is likely to be around 2200. Whilst this will be a long day of travel, using the buses in this way allows us to prevent any delays or cancellations that may occur on domestic air travel routes. We will serve a simple warm meal on arrival and allocate you to your toasty gers. 


If you have decide to arrive on a flight a day earlier you may wish for the event team to assist with airport transfers to UB downtown hotels, please indicate on the Event Participant Form if you require an airport transfer. This transfer will be at a cost of $35 per person and will take you direct to your hotel. There are currently no hotels at the airport, hence staying downtown UB is the option here. There will also be an option to book a return airport transfer. Please note, we only offer airport transfers on 24/02/24 (pre-event) and 04/03/24 (post-event). If you are travelling to and from the airport outside of these dates, you will need to source your own transport.

Rat Race crew will be staying at the Platinum Hotel pre & post event which we have used before. It is a good, clean 3 star hotel. You can book yourself into the same hotel for ease; or find somewhere else in the city – there are of course several options with some very good hotels around the city at varying price and comfort levels. The same is true of post-event accommodation and transfers. For those arriving back to UB for the night of 3/3/24 and wanting to return to the airport on the 4th March we can arrange transfers back to the airport with hotel pick-ups for $35pp.

For those who will be staying in UB prior to the event, we will likely arrange an optional tour to the Ghenghis Khan horse statue outside UB on either 24/02/2
4 or 04/03/24  plus a group meal that evening, for those who wish. More detail/dates will be communicated on that nearer the time and this will cost in the region of $120pp for the tour, including guided tour of the brand new Mongolian cultural museum in UB, entry to the statue, local chaperone, traditional lunch and all transport to and from the statue. We have run this in previous years with our local partners and it’s been very well received – a great introduction to Mongolia!



On 27/2/24 the group will make its way to the starting location for the Mongol 100 at Khank, situated at the northern end of Lake Khovsgol. This will be carried out as a convoy, utilizing people carriers and 4x4-style vehicles. All participants and crew will travel together.  


Breakfast will be served at Khatgal early and we will then make the return journey to UB via Murun. Our Plan A is to fly back to UB, dramatically reducing our journey time. However we will always reserve the right to swing in our contingency routing by road. Times may be adjusted for operational reasons but in either case, our arrival time into UB is likely to be very similar whether we travel by air or road – early evening. You should therefore not plan on onward travel before 4th March 2024.


For the ‘bookend’ nights at opposite ends of the lake, on 25 & 26/2/24 and then on 2/3/24, accommodation will be within existing permanent ger camps at Khatgal (25/26 Feb), Khank (27 Feb) and Khatgal (2 March) respectively. Accommodation units at these locations will take the form of gers, cabins or similar. You will be roomed up to 4 persons per ger at these locations. All gers and cabins will feature central wood-burning stove, beds and some may also be equipped with power outlets and electric light. Please note that owing to the type of location and accommodation, mixed occupancy is possible. 


When out on the ice, we will have 3 remote camp locations along the shore of Lake Khovsgol (including 1 night on an island in the middle of the lake). These camps will utilize local traditional Tipis for housing all crew and participants. You will be accommodated in groups of up to 8 per Tipi including a local Mongolian who will tend the fire through the night and you will be provided with mattresses or camp beds. Each Tipi will be equipped with a central wood-burning stove. There will be no electrical provision at these remote camps. A more authentically Mongolian wilderness experience you will be hard-pressed to find. 


All meals will be provided whilst at Khank and Khatgal. A packed lunch will be provided for the convoy journey up the lake from Khatgal to Khank.


For the days on the ice, you will be supported by Rat Race Pit Stops approximately every 10km, featuring hot and cold water, small grab and go snacks and hot drinks such as local blueberry tea and coffee. You should look to augment these Pit Stops with your own snack supplies and we would recommend something like a freeze-dried meal, some noodles or cup- a-soups be added to this ‘daytime’ provision if you want a ‘proper meal’ (or something more substantial) during the day, (at lunchtime for example). There will be plenty of water available for you to rehydrate such items. 

For the remote camps, we will provide hot water and you will provide your own freeze-dried expedition meals for breakfast and evening meals. To be 100% forensic on the freeze-dried meals, this is what is required and recommended: 


  • Wed 28/2/24: 2 x meals – lunch and dinner (breakfast provided at Khank) 

  • Thu 29/2/24: 3 x meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Fri 1/3/24: 2 x meals – breakfast, lunch (reindeer feast provided for dinner) 

  • Sat 2/3/24: 2 x meals – breakfast, lunch (dinner provided at Khatgal) 


This is 9 meals, to bring with you in total, this is if you intend to eat something hot for lunch each day (optional). The advice is to bring 12 meals and you then have 3 spares in case you feel you simply need the extra calories.  


As part of our remote camp operations, we will operate a superb little bar service with beer, excellent local vodka and other selections, plus soft drinks. A credit system will be in operation so you do not have to pay cash. You can settle your bar tab via an online credit card payment link after the event. See more on local payments, below. Alcoholic and soft drinks will also be available to purchase in the ger camps in Khatgal and Khank. 


At Khank and Khatgal, toilet facilities will consist of long-drop toilets in outhouses. On the lake, our provision will be long-drops or temporary ‘seat-and-bag’ facilities. You will be provided with bags for on-the-lake use – suitable for all waste (liquid/ solid). The firm advice is always to ensure you are ‘self-contained’ with toilet roll and with anti-bacterial handwash gel. There are no showers at this event. You should keep to a high level of personal hygiene by using wet wipes, washing with water and keeping hands clean at all times. Check wounds and blisters regularly for infection. 



Sunday 25th February 2024

  • 0700: Road transfer start time for those staying in UB

  • 0735: Arrival time of Turkish Airlines flight into UB. Latest time you should arrive into UB. All airport arrivals on 25/2 will be transferred direct from the airport.

  • 0800 - 2200: Transfer to Khatgal by road convoy for all participants and crew

  • 2200 (approx): Arrival in Khatgal. Allocation of accommodation and personal admin time. Food served. 

Accommodation: Ger camp.
Meals: Breakfast, hot dinner and simple lunch.


Monday 26th February 2024

  • 0800: Breakfast

  • 0930: Orientation by the Event Team 

  • 1000: Registration activities including kit check and admin 

  • 1100: Skills check for skaters and cyclists

  • 1230: Lunch

  • 1330: Chill time / time on the ice for those who wish

  • 1830: Dinner with local entertainment

Accommodation: Ger camp.
Meals: Breakfast, hot dinner and simple lunch


Tuesday 27th February 2024

  • 0800:  Breakfast

  • 0930:  All aboard! Ice convoy departs for Khank

  • 1300:  Lunch stop on the ice 

  • 1600:  Arrive in Khank. Allocation of accommodation

  • 1830:  Dinner

Accommodation: Wilderness camp.
Meals: Breakfast, hot dinner and simple lunch


Wednesday 28th February 2024


  • 0800: The adventure begins here! 

Accommodation: Wilderness camp.
Meals: Breakfast provided at Khank, lunch and dinner will be your own expedition meals, hot water provided. 


Thursday 29th February 2024

Get ready for another spectacular day on the ice!

Accommodation: Wilderness camp.

Meals: Hot water is provided at breakfast, pit stops and at dinner for preparation of your own expedition meals.


Friday 1st March 2024

Buckle up for an epic penultimate day on the ice whether you're skating, trekking or biking!

Accommodation: Wilderness camp.

Meals: Hot water is provided at breakfast and lunch for preparation of your own expedition meals. Dinner provided at camp. 


Saturday 2nd March 2024

  • 1930 - Celebration dinner and entertainment back in Khatgal

  • 2130 - Awards ceremony 

Accommodation: Ger camp.
Meals: Hot water is provided at breakfast and lunch for your meals. Celebration dinner provided.


Sunday 3rd March 2024

  • 0800: Breakfast 

  • 0900: Depart for Murun Airport 

  • 1200 - 1700: Flight to UB (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) NB If we use bus contingency, the arrival time to UB is likely to be very similar. 

  •  1900 – 2100: Depending on exact flight departure time – Arrive back in UB – end of event service. Transfers to optional UB hotel for those who wish (optional and extra charges apply) 



Our route will take a line from camp to camp from Khank to Khatgal, from North to South down Lake Khovsgol. The exact route will not be known until we do it. Due to movement of ice, seams opening up and other factors, the ‘actual line’ is impossible to recce until we do it. That having been said, we are in general following a known transit channel on the lake, so our general direction – and of course our camp locations – are fixed. 


We will use very little. We will use various assets to mark your route: Stationary vehicles, moving vehicles, horses and sledges, some big orange flags, and other vertically protruding items (such as branches or large sticks). Vehicle tracks and runners’ spike marks will also mark the way ahead. The visibility and nature of the flat open terrain is such that very little ‘direction’ marking is required. Hazards will be marked where necessary. We will not give you GPX files as we will not be able to pre- specify the track, however you are welcome to record your own GPS track when you are out on the lake.


Those opting to skate or to bike will undergo a brief skills demonstration on the ice. This is to check you and your gear know what you are getting yourself into. Whilst it is unlikely, the event team will reserve the right to switch your participation to foot-only if they are not satisfied in your ability to control yourself with your equipment. This is for your own safety and for the safety of those around you. 



This event is not about cut-offs. But, having a ‘cut- off’ and a ‘sweeping’ structure is an important part of our Event Management Plan and Risk Assessment processes. Cut off times are independent of any other factors that occur earlier in the course such as start time, punctures, skate issues, ice surface, going the wrong way, time taken at Pit Stops, head winds.


Whether it is your fault or not, we understand that missing cut offs can be tough to take but please remember that should this happen to you, it is not the event crew member’s fault who breaks the news to you. Please also remember that the Event team’s decision is final on these matters You will be asked to board a vehicle or sledge and make your way to the overnight camp. If you are cut off, there will be no option to re-start from where you were cut off the next day. (The event only ever moves forwards). You may however re-start the next day from the camp location; subject to the discretion of the event team (if the cut-off was made on medical grounds, for example).


There are a number of reasons why you may be cut-off or withdrawn from the event. These could be medical, pace, kit, mechanical, personal or other factors. It is OK to retire and to be taken forward to the overnight camp. We’d rather you re-started the next day vs suffer meaninglessly and spoil it for yourself. As far as the time available goes to avoid a cut-off, there is no ‘set’ cut off time each day. (ie. Time limit or published time). Instead, we require all participants to be in camp before nightfall. If this is looking unlikely you will be ‘swept’ forward. That is the cut-off. Above all else, please remember, this event is not about cut-offs. It is about getting the most out of this magical environment. We will not cut you off and sweep you forward unless we really have to. And if we do, it is for your own safety. 



The nature of an adventure is that sometimes, the uncertain becomes certain! That is all part of the adventure. Whilst we will always strive to pull off ‘Plan A,’ it may well be that for any one of a number of reasons, we cannot do so and we need to wheel put Plan B, C or D. We do line up contingencies for many eventualities of course. But it is worth knowing that the course may change if we deem it prudent for your safety or for other operational or weather-based reasons and we must always reserve the right to do so. Ultimately our skill and judgement in organising such events is part of why you are entering, so we must be able to exercise this on your behalf where we deem it necessary. If we do have to make a route change, we will strive to inform you in good time (if that is possible). Usually, these unforeseen changes simply add to the flavour of proceedings and provide for a good story to tell at day’s end! 


It is probable that when you set off on the Challenge on day 1, the first hours of the first day may be a bit hit n’ miss. Pace, temperature regulation, kit selection, footwear niggles. All to be expected. Embrace that ‘bedding down into it’ phase and listen to your body and to your kit. Expect some unexpected phenomena (not UFOs, just unusual kit or run issues that you may not have quite been expecting). Use this time to just get used to the environment, the gear, and the temperature. Go with it and relax. By Pit Stop 1 or 2, you’ll have worked out enough to be comfortable... 



It is implicit but worth stating that if insufficient ice depth is present, the Event will not risk journeying on this surface and an alternative plan will be devised to route around thin ice. The current (and statistical historical) information dictates that this is extremely unlikely, but it is worth stating, nonetheless. More likely is that snow, or particularly certain freezing conditions, renders some sections of the ice surface as difficult to negotiate, particularly on skates. In most cases, walkers/ runners and cyclists should be able to navigate the surface. For skaters, if the surface becomes un-negotiable on back-country skates, you must detach skates and walk or run. You should in all cases be prepared to do this. For skaters it is highly unlikely that you will skate 100% of the full length of the lake in any case. As such, you should practise detaching your skates, applying studs to your boots and walking as you may be required to do this multiple times during a day’s journey. Ice forms in plates that rub against one another. Some of this action forms pressure ridges where ice sheets push up towards and on top of one another. These are distinguished by bands of rubble, which are in most cases easy to step/ climb up and over. In other cases, the ice plates pull apart, forming small seams where water can seep upwards. If you encounter a ‘wet’ ice seam that you are unsure of how to negotiate, you must wait for assistance from the event crew. More information on seams will be given prior to commencement of the event. During our convoy drive up the lake on 27/2/24 you will see some of these features first-hand.



Our provision will be made to you approximately every 10km (or less) and we will provide 3 Pit Stop locations each day. Each Pit Stop will feature a vehicle, staff, comms and of course, some food and drink.  



Formal Registration for the event is completed in 3 phases:

1.) Online enrolment, payment – COMPLETE

2.) Submission of Event Participation Form & Medical Declaration by 14th January

  • Event Participant Form: HERE

  • Medical Declaration: HERE

3.)Physical registration at Khatgal on 26/2/24. You will complete a final physical kit check with our event team, do a short final paperwork exercise, have as it-down with our medic, present some ID and (if it applies to you) undergo a skate or bike skills check. You will also receive your event bib. ​


By entering this event you agreed that you have entered in your own name (not nickname) and will bring photographic ID to event Registration in Con Con to prove your identity. Clearly, having got on an aircraft in a seat booked in your own name, this should not be too difficult! It is however a requirement for us to know categorically know who at the event, hence the final physical ID check. 


There will be one event pack issued per person. Your Event Pack will contain:

Personalised Race Bib 

You should try and wear the race bib over all clothing so that it is always visible. 

Numbered Bag Tags

For your overnight  and running/trekking bag. These must be attached to your bag before handing them over to our crew to transport each day.

Event T-shirt & Rat Rag

 If you do not select your t-shirt size via the pre-event form in advance, you will automatically be allocated a Large.


We will have undertaken the kit/Q&A webinar on 3rd January 2024  in advance of you travelling to Mongolia . However, we will reserve the right to inspect some or all of your kit at the registration day. 
As a minimum, we will be checking: 

  • 4 season sleeping bag 

  • A working headtorch 

  • Survival bag (NOT blanket) 

  • A First Aid Kit  

  • Suitable gloves 

  • Suitable footwear 

  • Suitable water carrying method 

  • Freeze-dried rations 

See full mandatory kit list HERE.

You may be asked to show any other items from the mandatory kit list. Clearly at this point, the die is somewhat cast in respect of where we are geographically. There is not instant access to sports shops and the ability to ‘fill in any gaps’ is therefore heavily reduced. It may seem obvious but we will say it nonetheless: If you do not have the appropriate kit with you when you register in Khatgal, you will not be allowed to participate. Please bring everything on the list and do not be tempted to leave that extra layer at home.  

Hence, we are bringing an element of this exercise forward and have provided to you a ‘check box’ kit list and self-declaration that you have all the gear and you know what it’s for. The full mandatory kit list can be viewed on the website, with some commentary on suggested selections. We will have the Q & A webinar and demonstration of the mandatory kit. Whilst this is close to departure date, it does provide a few week’s’ grace for anyone who still needs to get (or perhaps swap) or replace any key items.  

If in any doubt about kit, please check in with us. We have devised the mandatory kit list for your protection and safety and we will not be able to make any exceptions on required items. Some of the kit listed is to help you have a safe experience and have the best chance of finishing. Some of this kit is to ensure that if you are unable to continue without our assistance then we can be confident of you having the level of equipment required to keep you as comfortable as possible whilst you wait for that assistance. Some of it is simply to keep you from freezing to death. It is serious. 


The full mandatory kit list can be found HERE

Some of the kit listed is to help you have a safe experience and have the best chance of finishing. Some of this kit is to ensure that if you are unable to continue without our assistance then we can be confident of you having the level of equipment required to keep you as comfortable as possible whilst you wait for that assistance. Some of it is simply to keep you from perishing. It is a serious list and we know everyone knows this, but we ask that you please do work with us on this. Please do not skimp on kit. Spare sets of kit will be worn. 


Our minimum spec for mandatory medical kit (to be always carried) is as follows:  

  • Roller bandage 

  • Gauze or similar absorbent dressing 

  • Steri-Strips 

  • Antiseptic (spray or cream) 

  • Assorted plasters 

  • Rubber gloves 

  • Paracetamol (Not Ibuprofen) 

  • Prescribed medication 



Our mandatory Blister kit spec is Compeed (or similar adhesive blister dressings).  

If you wish to pack our enhanced recommended kit, we advise the following: 

  • Small dry bag to contain: 

  • Zinc oxide tape 

  • Self-adhesive dressing tape (e.g. Mefix) 

  • Small moleskin patch 

  • Scissors or penknife 

  • Compeed - various sizes 

  • Rubbing alcohol 

  • Benzoin tincture or Iodine 

  • Pin to pop blisters 

  • Lighter to sterilise pin 

  • Lube stick (to prevent blisters by lubing feet pre-run, particularly at possible hotspot pressure points) 


Carry what you wish on the ice. You must always have some food and also some water when you leave each Pit Stop.  

All other items will be carried by the event team while you are on the ice. You should supply a soft holdall/ duffel or rucksack (no suitcases please!) and please try not to exceed approx. 23kg. (which is the upper limit for most economy-class allowances on international airlines anyway) 

We may insist that you do not leave the final Pit Stop (Pit Stop 3) without a headtorch if there is a risk of you finishing close to sundown.  

Your sleeping bag must be a 4-season sleeping bag with a -25c rating. It does get extremely cold. It is better to be too warm in your sleeping bag then get a bad night of sleep due to shivering and wasted energy.  


It is not impossible that your gear may not arrive with you into Mongolia. In general, the longer you are in Mongolia ahead fo the event, the easier this is to solve. Once you start travelling away from major airports, getting re-united with lost bags becomes harder especially where we are heading. To avoid the chances of total catastrophe, we would recommend that you do travel with some event clothing in your hand luggage.  
Experience tells us that if you arrive wearing or physically carrying some of what you need, the likelihood of getting you on the start-line increases dramatically, vs those who entire event kit is in their hold baggage, making its way around a carousel in the wrong airport far, far away.  


To get technical, you require a back-country skate with a ‘NNN BC’ binding. And a corresponding boot to take such a binding. The skate of choice we would recommend is the Lunghags T-skate with Rottefella NNN BC binding. These can be bought online or bought direct from Rat Race for £250 or rented for £100. We have limited pairs, so it’s a first-come, first-served affair on these. Please indicate in your Event Participation Form if you would like to rent or buy a pair of skates and Rottefella NNN BC binding set from Rat Race and Olivia will be in touch to confirm this with you. 



Our team is there for you in case you have an incident with which you require assistance. The team will shadow the progress of the challenge each day in vehicles and on horse sledges, on foot, bike and perhaps also, on skates; before establishing a med centre each afternoon at the camp location to which we are heading. Whilst the medics are there for ‘what ifs,’ they are also a great source of preventative advice; so please do use them to ask questions and check best practice, particularly in suspected foot injury or issues such as blisters or cold management issues. 


At this stage we are inviting you to have a medical screening process, which can be completed via the link below. Please complete this as soon as possible – and certainly please, no later than 14/1/24. If you do have any condition that you feel we should know about, however small you feel it may be, please do share this with our Medics. Experience has shown that early pre-screening can assist both us and you greatly in enabling the care you need pre and during the trip. If you do not share information on conditions which are likely to affect your participation or decide to share them very late in the process, we are all under pressure and we will always reserve the right to cancel your participation if we feel there is a medical issue that may affect yours, or others’ safety. So please, do share anything and everything you feel our team should know about, at the earliest opportunity.   


We are very fortunate to have an excellent Medical Director providing oversight, planning and screening on all of our international trips, who in turn engages seriously professional and qualified staff to join you on the trip. Rat Race also conforms and has been audited to the rigorous BS8848 standard of expedition management. This means our approach to all things safety and medical is extremely thorough and it is designed throughout with your best interest at heart. 

Your medical screening details will be sent direct to our medical team and under medical confidentiality rules, this will only be shared with our medics and no-one else. If they decide this is info that is in the best interests of everyone for us as organisers to be privy to, they will seek and gain your consent before doing so. It is therefore important you complete the link to the medical survey only which can be found HERE. Do not send Rat Race medical information direct. If you have any queries at all on the medical side of things in relation to this event, you can email our Medical Director, Dr Patrick Musto confidentially on and he and his team will assist. 


We have asked that you have in place Travel Insurance cover and specified Evacuation cover to last for a minimum period of the event duration for the days you are with us on the published itinerary. Evacuation and medical expenses cover should total no less than $500 000. A copy of this cover/covers (if separate policies) is required to be received by us 14/1/24 alongside the other admin actions. We also recommend that participants have insurance to cover damage, loss, theft, injury and non-attendance. Rat Race cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage to any Participant property or the circumstances of Participant non-attendance. If you are bringing your own bike, we ask that you have a policy in place to cover it for damage, loss or theft. It is up to you what level you cover it for (and of course several overarching policies will provide coverage for loss or damage of sports equipment) but we would advise that you place cover for the replacement value of the bike, if you can do so. Rat Race and its agents, staff and sub-contractors cannot be held responsible to any damage to personal equipment of bikes whether we are transporting them or otherwise; so it is important that you select a level of cover that you are comfortable with. You should submit copies of your insurance via the Event Details Form. Alongside this, we ask that medical screening is completed, plus an online waiver. Please see the actions list at the bottom of this document for details. 

Some suggested providers are as follows: 

For UK and Channel Island residents Rat Race’s own insurer brokers have a brand-new product: 

Note: This is Rat Race’s UK-based insurance broker, specialising in the leisure insurance market. This is a specialist sports travel cover product; however, Rat Race is neither an insurance broker or underwriter. We can recommend Mann Broadbent wholeheartedly as good people to deal with, but please remember that this is not a ‘Rat Race product’ and we have no say whatsoever on claims decisions made by the insurers, in the event that you raise such a claim via one of these policies. 


Other Providers: 

Note: We have no relationship with any of these providers, but previous customers have found them reasonable to deal with regarding some of our similar Bucket List challenges. 

Note: For all insurance, please remember that cover is offered based on several factors, (the nature of the event disciplines being one of them), but your own insurance profile, age, health and other details form a big part of this. As such, we are always happy to provide details to insurers in support of cover requests from customers, but we cannot influence their decisions as to whether to offer cover to individuals. 


The prevailing climate is cold and dry. That is not to say that, like anywhere else on Earth, we may not encounter unseasonal conditions. Particularly in this area, we may experience cold winds, fog or possibly snowfall. Or indeed any other climactic conditions. The event will proceed in many conditions, but if it is deemed unsafe to continue due to weather conditions, the event will be halted at the current camp (or destination camp), participants will be brought forward to that camp if required and the Event will await more favourable conditions to re-commence. This may result in some stages being cut short and participants being moved forward in vehicles in order to achieve daily mileages within the time available. In all cases, the decision of the Event team is final in these matters. We will monitor weather throughout. 


This event takes place on a frozen lake. It is used in winter as a conduit for traffic heading north to the Russian border. Traffic is very, very light. We do however have our own event vehicles operating and you may therefore come across our own vehicles or those of the driving public. You must courteously give way to other users whilst on the route, whether they are cars, motor bikes, horse traffic, sledges, or other vehicles.  



In the event of a true emergency or serious Incident you will be notified of protocols at the orientation on 26/2/24. If you are with an injured party whilst on the route, stay with the casualty and await assistance. In the event of a non-emergency incident but for which action is requested from the organisers, then you should send a message forward to the next Pit Stop with another participant if possible and/or await an event crew member approaching via vehicle or sledge. This might be medical, logistical or kit/ equipment breakdown as examples. We politely ask that you stop and help someone that is in difficulty – you will be the first person to find them – remember to take note of time, place (number of km, or minutes/ hours from last Pit Stop) and race number at the incident site. Remember we are all in it together and are in effect one big team. 



While these are allowed, please control their volume according to your environment. Use your judgment at all times when listening to music or audiobooks. Please also be aware that if you cannot hear general voice levels you might miss instructions from marshals, other participants or approaching vehicles. We suggest that you run the leads behind you so that persons or vehicles approaching from behind might be able to see that you are wired for sound. 


We want to show that this event has exemplary control of littering. Please help us achieve that. Pack your litter into your pack, pockets or nearby bin bag (trash sack) at a vehicle. No exceptions. Mongolia is a pristine wilderness environment, and our absolute commitment is to keep it that way.



At the time of booking, on our website and within our introductory email on 20th October we made clear that your purchase is non-refundable. But up until 12 weeks prior to departure, you could use our transfer system if you wished to withdraw from the event. We respectfully remind all participants that unforeseen circumstances preventing attendance is what travel insurance is designed for and is the reason for this as a strong recommendation on such undertakings.

We want to be really clear that the transfer option is there for you if you need it. But it does have a deadline. That deadline is 3rd December 2023. This is 12 weeks prior to the event and our advertised standard transfer window for international events. After this time, we regret that we simply cannot change entries and if you are in, you’re in. So if you don’t think you’re in this time around, please do ensure you use that transfer window and get your transfers in by the dates above. You can do that by clicking HERE.


Completing not competing. Rat Race’s ethos has always been about inspiring folk to undertake challenges in awesome outdoor locations. Mongol 100 is just that, taken to an epic level. This is not a formal race environment and there are no winners and losers. We do not award prizes for the fastest folk. There will be no splits. Indeed, there will be no timings. Rat Race totally appreciate the incredible commitment of those taking on the challenges we lay down and each participant is as important as the next regardless of how fast you can cover the distance. This is akin far more to an expeditionary undertaking than anything else. 

In delivering this unique challenge we prioritise factors such as safety, camaraderie, and environmental concerns. Respecting the wishes of local stakeholders with our route management and litter policies is vital in being able to bring folk together for this unique experience. Safety above all else is paramount, as you will fully appreciate. To reasonably balance all these factors, we emphasise that the event is not a formal race environment, rather it is a challenge in the great outdoors where great folk come together with a common purpose. 


You will most likely have phone reception in Khatgal on 26/27 Feb (and then again on 2/3 March) and some may also have weak reception in Khank on 27 Feb. Whilst on the ice it is unlikely you will have any regular mobile service, although it may be patchy in places. The event will not be providing data or phone services in this period unless for EMERGENCY USE. 


The event is very lucky to have secured the services of James Appleton as the official event photographer. James has worked on numerous Rat Race’s Bucket List events. This means not only is he an excellent photographer in his own right; but he also really ‘gets’ these types of events. 

For this Challenge, we are doing photography a little different than run-of-the-mill standard event photography, but an entirely standard approach for us and it’s tried and tested – to 100s of customers’ satisfaction. Instead of James shooting and you then you selecting a number of photos post-event from a fairly unwieldy and piecemeal selection (leading to a lot of wastage in the shots and hours spent spreading the editing thinly across ‘anything and everything)’ we want the service to be as personal as possible. We think that something this epic deserves that. 

James will therefore be offering a one-price, advance purchase arrangement. He will shoot you in action and provide an amazingly varied series of shots of you out there doing your stuff; plus, a selection of general event photos, provided as a digital album. He will also include individual portrait shots of yourself, working with him directly to create some special shots. 

The price for this service is £125. If you would like to use this service, please tick the box in the event details form and you will be sent an invoice just ahead of the event. The service is available for participants and crew. The crux here is that James will ONLY shoot those who sign up to the service in advance, ensuring he is concentrating on those who have taken the plunge. This ensures that he can 100% focus on the job in hand for those who wish to purchase; and avoids the wastage of hundreds of shots on the edit-room floor. 


We believe this is an excellent service, at a very keen price, from a first-class photographer. It is of course not in any way compulsory. 


To facilitate the very best support for you whilst embarked on the event, we have prepared some contact information below that should assist you and loved ones both before departure and then throughout your Event experience in Mongolia. Please find a series of phone numbers and email addresses and instructions on which is to be used; and for what. Finally, we have included an action checklist so you may tick off the pre-event jobs arising from this Essential Event Information document. 


1.) For ALL pre-event email correspondence prior to departure:  - Challenge-based questions, kit, training, route, prep - Admin-based questions  - Medical-based advice or discussion on medical conditions in confidence 

2.) For specific arrivals and pre-trip issues to Mongolia in the immediate day’s pre-arrival – A WhatsApp group will be set up pre-arrival. This will include numbers of crew if in need to assistance whilst you travel to the event.  

3.) Emergency correspondence from people who need to get in touch with you (i.e. from those who need to contact you) IN EMERGENCY ONLY while you are embarked on the event: 

The originator should quote ‘Emergency correspondence for (your name)’ in the email title and they must provide a phone number for return comms. This will be patched through to our crew’s mobile phones, (or satellite messaging platform if we are out of reception) from our office and a satellite phone will be made available for you to return the comms to the originator. We would aim to provide a suitable response period of within 24 hrs for this service to the originator. 


Submitted no later than the 14th January 2024.

Form HERE.

Submitted no later than the 14th January 2024.

Form HERE.

1730 UK time - 3rd January 2024

Well that’s it for now! I hope you’re as excited as I am about making this fantastic adventure through Mongolia next year. I strongly suggest you read this document a couple of times and really get the programme and requirements clear in your head at this stage. It will ensure that when you get to Mongolia you can focus on soaking up the majesty of the place we’re visiting. 


See you all soon!  

Abbi Naylor 

Event Director, The Mongol 100 2024


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