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This EEI was last updated on: 20/07/2023

Due to the scale and nature of Rat Race Events, changes to the event course, structure and timings sometimes need to be made right up until the date of the event.  To ensure you have the latest information and are fully prepared for the challenge that lies ahead, please check back on the EEI before travelling to the event.

Welcome to Greece. Welcome to Santorini Circuit 2023. 


Dear Intrepid Santorini Circuit Challenger…


We hope you are getting excited for what is going to be an event to remember on the Grecian Island of Santorini.


The Santorini Circuit Takes you on an incredible journey around the Caldera in one single day. Kayaking and running or hiking your way around the 60km route. We will support you the whole way. This adventure will not disappoint.


Please find our Essential Event Information Document, containing what we hope is a comprehensive outlook towards your journey in just 3 months’ time. If you have not done already, do ensure you are fully conversant with the website and then pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or something a little stronger!) and read on. This document is designed to give you all the information you need about what to expect during the event and answer any questions you might have had.


Bring on the Sunshine, ouzo and moussaka,



Event Director


Make sure you’ve read this thoroughly well ahead of your departure date to ensure there are no last minute panics or surprises, if you have any questions after reading this please reach out to us. 



GMT (+2)






Euros  (€)


  • Online Form to be submitted by 1st  September 2023

  • Medical Form to be submitted by 1st  September 2023

  • Snacks: you will need to some scooby snacks. See section below for what we provide at pit stops. Your own snacks are to augment what we provide and make sure you always have something that you fancy.

  • Trackers: Please remember that GPS tracker is not always a-given; you should particularly note this if sharing live links with supporters.

  • Kit: You will need to bring ALL kit that is on the kit list for you to take part in the trip. If your kit is not right the Event team will reserve the right to prevent you starting the event. Don’t worry – there are several more touchpoints before departure to ensure this does not occur. Firstly, the comprehensive kit list is provided with this document. If in any doubt on kit, please get in touch with us at and we can help.

  • Insurance: You need insurance. You will need a medical repatriation and evacuation policy that has a minimum of $500 000 trip cover on it. You will submit this to us pre-event and we will ensure we have the correct number to call your insurer if we need to evacuate you or provide serious medical attention. We also highly recommend a policy that covers you for curtailment and non-attendance.

  • Live events decision making: When we are in Santorini, in all cases whilst on the trip, the Event Directors decision is final. They are always acting in the combined interest of the safety of the individual and the group, as their paramount concern.  


Please use the following as a checklist on what you will require for this trip.


(at least 6 months remaining and enough pages for all the required stamps - minimum 2).



You should ensure you have purchased a return air ticket.   


See insurance section or event FAQ.   




The dates of the trip are fixed. There are 3 event dates in 2023. All commencing on Friday and finishing on Monday morning.


Week 1: 29th Sept – 2nd Oct

Week 2: 6th – 9th Oct

Week 3: 13th – 16th Oct

Pick up: You will be picked up at 2pm from Santorini Airport. There are multiple flight arrivals, we have chosen 2pm as an average pick up time. You may have to wait for other participants to arrive before departure. We will have a list of who we are expecting to pick up and will be checking on flight landing times.  A Rat Race crew member will be there from approximately 1-3pm ticking off the list.

Drop off:  You will be dropped off at the airport for 10am on Monday morning to Santorini Airport.

If you decide you do not want the transfer that is fine. Please let us know via the Event Details Form. There are shuttles buses and taxis available from the airport, this would be at your own cost.


If you are arriving earlier, you can check into your hotel from 3pm on Friday. A member of Rat Race staff with be at your hotel to meet you and make sure you check-in okay.


We have asked you to fill out an the online from which includes flight information. This information will be used to check the drop off and pick up times are appropriate for the majority. If the pick-up times are changed, they will be communicated in the 1-week email.


We will do general Q & A webinar on Tuesday 8th  August at 1730 UK time.  This is very useful to attend if you can as an introduction to the event, it will also provide you a live opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It will be recorded and put on the website for those who cannot attend or for anyone to refer back to at a later date. 



The Santorini Circuit is a substantial undertaking. It is 60km of sea kayaking and time on your feet. It will be an extremely long day for most. It is a beautiful island, but it will pack and punch. The foot sections can be run or hiked, aim for a minimum pace of 3mph/5kph and you will have plenty of time to finish. Training should now be focusing on long days of hiking/running; aim for 6-8 hours of hiking. Do not avoid hills, hill strength will be the key to success, Santorini is not flat. If you don’t have access to multiple hills, do some hills repetitions to strengthen the legs. We understand it is by no means easy for everyone to fit in the training, everyone is different, everyone also has different day-to-day pressures and commitments, life throws many curve balls but being physically fit for this challenge will make it even more enjoyable. 


Train with the kit you are planning on wear. You will then be able to check if it is comfortable and fits correctly. Chuck the bag on you are going to be running or hiking with, fill it with some tasty snacks and water, this will help your body to get use to the extra weight on your back. The fitter and more prepared you are for a challenge like this the more you can enjoy each and every moment.


There will be 35 - 40 participants in the event. In general, we will provide lead and sweep staff (and other support vehicles and/ or hikers throughout the course) and we will establish pit stops along the route, very roughly equidistant between one another and usually a minimum of 3 of these stops on event day, with 2 transitions points for the kayak stages.


You will kayak in pods. Each pod will be a group of approximately 10people. The kayaks are double sea kayaks. You can go with a friend, or you may be paired up with another participant. Each pod will have a qualified sea kayak instructor. The pods will stay together throughout the kayak sections. This is for the safety and management of the full team. Two support boats will be present throughout the kayaking stages to support the event.  



You go at your own pace, hike with others, hike on your own, whatever you fancy. We will not stop you trekking unless you look unlikely to finish in daylight. As such, there is no formal cut-off times at the pit stops – it is very much down to the judgement of the event team. We can help and assist every step of the way. We are there to support you and if this means moving you forward, we will do to enable you to finish on a high.  Unless we think you’re going to run out of daylight to finish the event, we will not cut you off. That is our pledge to you. For your part, just keep moving forward.


Registration for the event is split into a ‘pre-event’ Registration phase, where we will ask for particular information to be submitted online (See the top and bottom of this document for what and when). This will be followed up by a physical registration process in Santorini on the Saturday morning at Oia Sunset Hotel.

We will provide you with a safety procedure to follow in case of emergency while on each phase of the event. This may differ per stage and the safety and emergency protocols will be made clear to you prior to the commencement of each phase.




Due to the traditional nature of Oia, with its small buildings, slim alleys and winding back streets the accommodation for the event is split into two hotels. All participants have been allocated a room with another participant. The two hotels are situated very close together.


  1. Oia Sunset Hotel

  2. Santorini Pegalos


The nature and style of accommodation in Santorini is apartments and studios. This means that there are two rooms with some shared communal space: bathroom, small kitchen and lounge. You can expect to have 3/4 people per studio/apartment.


If you are taking part on your own, you will be paired with another participant of the same sex in a twin room. If you wish to share a room with a fellow racer, you will have the opportunity to request this on your event participation form.


The itinerary is on a Bed & Breakfast basis. All 3 breakfasts will be provided.

On event day you will be supported by Rat Race Pit Stops (2 x kayak transitions and 3 Pit stops throughout the run/hike on Thira (we will try to space them evenly as evenly as possible), featuring water, small grab and go snacks and other treats. At pit stop 2 there will typically be some more savoury items and ‘lunch’ items such as wraps and bread where you are able to make a scooby snack.

You should look to augment these Pit Stops with your own snack supplies and you should very definitely provide your own hydration, electrolyte and sports nutrition supplies. This will be important throughout your adventure. You will pass some tavernas and shops along the middle section of the route, you are more than welcome to pop in and get yourself a drink or a well-deserved ice-cream.

At the end of the event in Oia we will provide a celebration dinner with some drinks at a great restaurant called Kyprida

If you have a supporter that would like to join you for dinner, we have a limited amounts of spaces available. It will be at an additional cost of 35euros per person. If you would like to book your supporter a space, please contact and Olivia can allocate you a space.



Not all pit stops will contain toilets, so if you need to go out on the course, be prepared to go to the adventure toilet. 


The firm advice is always to ensure you are ‘self-contained’ with toilet roll and with anti-bacterial handwash gel for the trail. Do NOT leave toilet paper out on the trail, please bring nappy bags to contain used toilet roll and dispose of where at a pit stop or at the hotel.


This is a very big and a very adventurous day out. Our route will take you from the very North of Thira, you will jump into Kayaks at the Mavrópetra Harbour. Where you have a 5km paddle over to Thirassia. Getting out at Riva Beach you will put on your trainers and your running packs before setting off on foot around Thirassia. This 13km route travels in a anticlockwise direction, running along road and tracks to reach the Moni Kimisi Theokou church on the Southern tip of the island. Here you will be able to see the Akrotiri lighthouse. The landmark of your next kayaking stage. Finishing off your run past the beautiful fishing village of Korfou you will jump back into your kayaks to compete this phase of the journey. You have another 8km of paddling before hitting land and making your way to your first objective; Mount Profilis (567m), you will be met with stunning views of the full Caldera, from here you will be able to see your starting point and your final objective of Oia. As you descend the Mount you will re-join the coastal path, high up on the cliffs as you pass through the stunning whitewashed village of Fira. The final 10km is a highlight of the entire route and is a trail runners dream. We will be waiting for you in the centre of Oia to welcome you in and celebrate your achievement.



The route is an audacious one. For the Santorini circuit to be completed multiple components need to align for plan A to be nailed down, but in true Rat Race style we have a plan A, B, C, D…..Z to ensure you have an epic event.


Due to the popularity of Santorini ailing with the high temperatures in the summer months means October is the ideal month for the event as it is both quieter and cooler. However, as it is later in the season the weather conditions may be more temperamental. If the wind conditions and sea states are too high, the kayak over to Thirassia will be adapted.


What does this mean?

If the wind and sea state are too high the kayaking will be moved to the South of Thira where the sea is protected from the prevailing wind. This does mean that the run on Thirassia will not happen, but it does mean you will still get to kayak before the epic run around Thira to the finish at Oia.


If the wind is coming from any alternative direction at speeds that impede the kayak there is a sheltered area of the caldera that will be appropriate for an initial kayak stage.

How long would the kayak be in Plan B?

The kayak would be approx.. 10km to Akrotiri lighthouse before the foot section begins.


What if the sea state is too big for any kayaking?

It will be rare that the kayak will be completely cancelled, however it is not impossible dependant of wind direction, wind speed and sea state.

If we deem the sea state to be too large for any kayaking to be done safely, we will complete the run/hike section only. This will however be extended slightly and will start from Akrotiri lighthouse to finish in Oia.



We will NOT waymark the route.  Except, for a small sections when we think it might be absolutely necessary.

In general, this event is operated with GPS as the main method of route guidance. YOU need to bring a GPS watch and a navigation device or application on your phone.  It is imperative that you are well versed in the usage of your own device and that you are confident in their battery life and reliability.

If you wish to rent a Coros GPS watch from us, that is also possible. At a cost of £50. This will have the GPS already downloaded and you will get tuition of how to use the watch on registration day.  You can let us know on the online form if you wish to rent a Coros Pro.




As stated above, you will get to know your devices intimately on this event. We will also make available route GPX files for you to upload onto your own devices as you see fit. These files will be provided much closer to the commencement of the event once we are satisfied, we have the final version to share. Experience has shown that we will never share the file until it is the final, final, final version. Or else we end up with version control issues that are hard to resolve.



Once we hand you your tracker or rented tech devices, it is your responsibility to look after the devices until you return them to us at the finish line in exchange for your medal.


All devices will be given to you at registration, and you will undergo a familiarisation session with them that day. You will also be issued with charging cable and other accessories, and it will be your responsibility to keep the devices charged and functional during the event.

You must return all devices at the end of the event and until then, you keep them with you.



At registration you will be issued with your tracker, (in a ziplock bag (with your name on) inside a small dry bag). It is your responsibility to look after the device. This device not only allows those at home to follow you on the route, but it also acts as a tracker for us too, meaning we can see where you are throughout the event. Tracking will go live on the start of the event. The trackers rely on GSM signal to report, (which is generally very good across a lot of our route) but there is a delay on tracking. Sometimes, our team back at base will increase or decrease the reporting frequency, so those watching at home will sometimes not see your dot moving or see you moving very slowly. Or they may see you adrift from others in the group.

It is REALLY important that you ensure anyone watching at home knows this, for their own peace of mind and for our own safety systems. Experience shows that if someone watching at home does not understand this, they can sometimes unwittingly commence full rescue missions by panicking, calling in the cavalry and sparking confusion for us as organisers. As such, it really is a very important point to note. If we have any issues or snagging with tracker units, our basecamp team can see this, and we will pull them back in and reset them for you. The tracking website for family and friends is:

As with the GPS units, you must return this device at the end of the event or whenever a member of staff asks for you to do so (for example to check a setting or to charge it). Do also hand to a member of staff should you drop out on any day. As with all electronic devices, there is a replacement cost. For the tracker, it is £150.




Formal Registration for the event is completed in 3 phases.

1.) Online enrolment, payment – COMPLETE

2.) Submission of online event details form and medical form (by 1st September) and online waiver all pre-event.

3.) Physical registration at Oia Sunset on the Saturday at 10am. You will complete a final physical kit check with our event team, do a short final paperwork exercise including checking your insurance company contact details and present some ID. 


You will also receive your event bib and bag tags, trackers and other items. There will of course be some briefings. If you have rented a GPS watch, we will hand these out at this time also. We will introduce you to the mighty team that will be with you every step of the way throughout the event.


By entering this event you agreed that you have entered in your own name (not nickname) and will bring photographic ID to event Registration to prove your identity. Clearly, having got on an aircraft in a seat booked in your own name, this should not be too difficult! It is however a requirement for us to know categorically know who at the event, hence the final physical ID check.


There will be one adventure pack issued per person. This will contain: 

Run/Trek number: please wear this so that it is always visible. 
Baggage labels: these will be for your overnight bag and your running/trekking pack.

Rat Rag 

T-shirt: If you fail to submit your online form ahead of the deadline, you will automatically be given a Large T-shirt. 


Click here to view the kit list under the kit list tab. 

Some of the kit listed is to help you have a safe experience and have the best chance of finishing. Some of this kit is to ensure that if you are unable to continue without our assistance then we can be confident of you having the level of equipment required to keep you as comfortable as possible whilst you wait for that assistance.



Our minimum spec for mandatory medical kit (to be carried at all times) is as follows: 

  • 1 x triangular bandage

  • 1 x  crepe roll bandage

  • Gauze or similar absorbent dressing 

  • Small set of scissors

  • Pain Killers (paracetamol)

  • Antiseptic (spray or cream) 

  • Assorted plasters 

  • Rubber gloves 

  • Prescribed medication 

  • Zinc oxide tape 

  • Compeed – various sizes 


It is not impossible that your gear may not arrive with you into Santorini. In general, the longer you are in Santorini, the easier this is to solve. To avoid the chances of total catastrophe, we would recommend that you do travel with some event clothing in your hand luggage: A set of running kit and some trainers would be minimum recommended. Indeed, you can travel wearing this gear.

Experience tells us that if you arrive wearing or physically carrying some of what you need, the likelihood of getting you on the start-line increases dramatically, vs those who entire event kit is in their hold baggage, making its way around a carousel in the wrong airport far, far away.


In order to allow you to access the right kit at the right times we permit multiple bags to be used for various locations and there are 2 main transitions at which you will be able to access different kit.


The transition locations are as follows:


Thirassia Transition: This bag should be taken with you in the kayak. It should therefore be in a waterproof drybag. This is the change from kayaking to running/hiking. This bag contains anything you wish to access AFTER the first kayak and BEFORE the run/hike stage on Thirassia island.


Thira Transition: This transition bag will be waiting for you at the end of the kayak section. This is the change from kayaking to running/hiking. This bag contains anything you wish to access AFTER kayak and BEFORE the longest run/hike stage (so for example fresh trainers for the run.)


Transition bags must be soft and not hard suitcase-style cases, ideally dry bags so protected from any weather and no more than 30l each in size. Small holdalls, duffels or rucksacks are fine.



There are therefore multiple bags to be considered for this journey:

1. General ‘overnight’ bag (recommended: Holdall or duffel) for spare and general kit.

2. Daypack or running vest: This is the bag you will carry with you for the two run/hikes. This should be big enough to carry all of the mandatory kit, with 2 litres of water.


3. Waterproof dry bag: Big enough to fit your running pack and spare trainers for the Thirassia run. This will go in the Kayak with you on Kayak 1


4. Thira transition bag: containing anything you wish to change into for the longest run/hike. You may also leave items in this bag if you do not wish to take them with you on this phase. This bag will be taken directly to the hotel from this location I.E., you will not see this bag again until after you’ve finished



Friday 29th Sept  / 6th Oct  / 13th Oct

 2pm RV at airport.


Transfer to hotel.


If you have overnighted in the area, get to the hotel to check in from 3pm, please do not arrive ahead of this time. 


Settle in.


Rat Race will publish a location of a local bar to join the team for sundowners if you would like to socialise with other rat racers.


Meals: Find somewhere nice to eat or Join the Rat Race Team at a local restaurant.


Saturday 30th Sept / 7th Oct / 14th Oct


10am Registration and briefings at Oia Sunset Hotel


After registration and briefings are complete you have the afternoon to relax and unwind.


If you are booked onto the additional kayak training, you will be transferred at 2pm for your session.


Meals: Breakfast - Provided.

Dinner:  Find somewhere nice to eat


Sunday 1st Oct / 8th Oct / 15th Oct

5:30am Depart to Mavrópetra Harbour to start kayaking

Jump in kayaks for a 5km paddle from Oia to Thirassia

Foot stage on Thirrassia for 13km

Get back in the kayaks for an 8km paddle back to Thira

Foot stage up to the highest point in Santorini, Prophet Elias and back to Oia, approx. 34km.


Meals: Breakfast - Provided.

Dinner - 9pm A celebration meal and a well-deserved ouzo!



Monday 2nd Oct / 9th Oct / 16th Oct

Transfer to the airport departing at 10am or wave goodbye as you go and explore Santorini further.


Meals: Breakfast - Provided


Our team is there for you in case you have an incident with which you require assistance. The team will shadow the progress of the challenge and will be available at the pit stops for any medical assistance that is needed.



We have invited you to have a medical screening process, which can be completed via the link at the top of this document. Please complete this as soon as possible – and certainly please, no later than  1st September 2023. If you do have any condition that you feel we should know about, however small you feel it may be, please do share this with our Medics. Experience has shown that early pre-screening can assist both us and you greatly in enabling the care you need pre and during the trip. If you do not share information on conditions which are likely to affect your participation or decide to share them very late in the process, we are all under pressure and we will always reserve the right to cancel your participation if we feel there is a medical issue that may affect yours, or others’ safety. So please, do share anything and everything you feel our team should know about, at the earliest opportunity.


We are very fortunate to have an excellent Medical Director providing oversight, planning and screening on all our international trips, who in turn engages seriously professional and qualified staff to join you on the trip. Rat Race also conforms and has been audited to the rigorous BS8848 standard of expedition management. This means our approach to all things safety and medical is extremely thorough and it is designed throughout with your best interest at heart.


Your medical screening details will be sent direct to our medical team and under medical confidentiality rules, this will only be shared with our medics and no-one else. If they decide this is info that is in the best interests of everyone for us as organisers to be privy to, they will seek and gain your consent before doing so. It is therefore important you complete the link to the medical survey only; do not send Rat Race medical information direct. If you have any queries at all on the medical side of things in relation to this event, you can email our Medical team directly and confidentially on  and they will assist.


UK citizens should have a valid EHIC for travel to Santorini. This will allow you to receive basic and emergency healthcare for the same cost as a resident. If you do not have a current and up to date EHIC you can apply for a provisional replacement card (PRC) on the NHS website.  An EHIC is NOT however a replacement for travel insurance, it will not cover medical repatriation and rescue. We have asked that you have Travel Insurance in place and specified Evacuation cover to last for a minimum period of the event duration for the days you are with us on the published itinerary. A copy of this cover is required to be received by us by September 1st  2023. The details for submission can be seen at the top of this EEI.


We recommend that participants have insurance to cover damage, loss, theft, injury and non-attendance. Rat Race cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage to any Participant property or the circumstances of Participant non-attendance. Within the 12-week departure window, we cannot provide any transfers, and, in all cases, we cannot entertain requests for refunds. We respectfully remind all participants that unforeseen circumstances preventing attendance is what travel insurance is designed for and is the reason for this as a strong recommendation on such undertakings.


You can submit copies of your insurance via the online form . Alongside this, we ask that medical screening is completed, plus an online waiver. Please see the actions list at the bottom of this document for details.


In the event of a true emergency or serious incident you will be notified of protocols at the registration briefing. If you are with an injured party whilst on the route, stay with the casualty and await assistance. In the event of a non-emergency incident but for which action is requested from the organisers, then you should place a call (we will give you numbers) or if no phone reception, you should send a message forward to the next Pit Stop with another participant if possible and/or await an event crew member approaching via vehicle/or on foot from behind. This might be medical, logistical or kit/ equipment breakdown as examples. We politely ask that you stop and help someone that is in difficulty – you will be the first person to find them – remember to take note of time, place (number of km, or minutes/ hours from last Pit Stop) and participant number/ name at the incident site. Remember we are all in it together and we are in effect one big team.


While these are allowed, please control their volume according to your environment. Use your judgment at all times when listening to music or audiobooks. Please also be aware that if you cannot hear general voice levels you might miss instructions or warnings from crew, other participants or approaching vehicles. We suggest that you run the leads behind you so that persons or vehicles approaching from behind might be able to see that you are wired for sound.


This event takes place on the trail and open roads. There are vehicles, this is not a closed road event. Vigilance must be always taken. 


We want to show that this event has exemplary control of littering. Please help us achieve that. Pack your litter into your pack, pockets or nearby bin bag (trash sack) at a vehicle. No exceptions. Malta is a beautiful environment, and our absolute commitment is to keep it that way. 


Mann Broadbent: For UK & Channel Island residents


Big Cat Travel Insurance

Note: We have no relationship with any of these providers, but previous customers have found them reasonable to deal with regarding some of our similar Bucket List challenges.

Note: For all insurance, please remember that cover is offered based on several factors, (the nature of the event disciplines being one of them), but your own insurance profile, age, health and other details form a big part of this. As such, we are always happy to provide details to insurers in support of cover requests from customers, but we cannot influence their decisions as to whether to offer cover to individuals.




Completing not competing. Rat Race’s ethos has always been about inspiring folk to undertake challenges in awesome outdoor locations. The Santorini Circuit is just that, taken to an epic level. This is not a formal race environment and there are no winners and losers. We do not award prizes for the fastest folk. There will be no splits. Indeed, there will be no timings. Rat Race totally appreciate the incredible commitment of those taking on the challenges we lay down and each participant is as important as the next regardless of how fast you can cover the distance. This is akin far more to an expeditionary undertaking than anything else.

In delivering this unique challenge we prioritise factors such as safety, camaraderie and environmental concerns. Respecting the wishes of local stakeholders with our route management and litter policies is vital in being able to bring folk together for this unique experience. Safety above all else is paramount, as you will fully appreciate. To reasonably balance all these factors, we emphasise that the event is not a formal race environment, rather it is a challenge in the great outdoors where great folk come together with a common purpose.


As we get closer to the event, we intend to ramp up the information coming your way. On  8th August at 1730 UK time, we are going to run a live webinar with Q and A for all of you taking part. You can send us live questions via zoom, and we will explain as much as we can about what is going to happen in the event, with a firm focus on kit.  If you can’t make the live session, do not worry. We will record it and share it with everyone afterwards.

Topic: Santorini Q & A Webinar
Time: Aug 8, 2023 05:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 813 5893 7764
Passcode: 496735


1.) For ALL pre-event email correspondence prior to departure: for challenge-based questions, kit, training, prep for admin-based questions for any medical-based advice or discussion on medical conditions in confidence 

2.) Emergency correspondence from people who need to get in touch with you (i.e. from those who need to contact you) IN EMERGENCY ONLY while you are embarked on the event:

The originator should quote ‘Emergency correspondence for (yourname)’ in the email title and they must provide a phone number for return comms. This will be patched through to our crew’s mobile phones, (or satellite messaging platform if we are out of reception) from our office and a satellite phone will be made available for you to return the comms to the originator. We would aim to provide a suitable response period of within 24 hrs for this service to the originator. 

Please, please, please do tell your family and supporters NOT to contact us about Tracker Emergencies!

3.) A WhatsApp group will be created a few days before departure. This will be the main point of contact leading up to the event itself.


Submit insurance details and complete online waiver to be submitted by 1st September 2023.  

Medical forms must be filled out by 1st September  2023.

That’s it. Pheeeww! See you in Santorini …

Abbi Naylor ,  Event Director Santorini Circuit 

Rat Race Head of Expeditions

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